Established in 2002, Interfame architects is a medium sized architectural bureau. In a time of extensive globalization, Interfame architects targets both national and international markets. As communities and rural areas are becoming more and more intertwined, architects face an increasingly arduous challenge. Changes in social behaviorisms and new technologies gives us the opportunity to cope with these emerging problems.

Interfame architects has a network of specialized companies (i.e. consultants on construction, sustainable installation, building physics, landscaping, health & safety and ergonomics). Depending on the size of a project, these consultants are involved during the initial design phases.

Naturally, the needs of the client are fundamental in the architectural process. The client is thoroughly informed by presentation of digital sketches, computer models and animations. Even during execution Interfame architects is emphatically involved as aesthetic counsellor/coordinator, assuring maximum quality.

Interfame architects strives to be location independent by using both mobile communication services as well as cloud computing, Interfame architects ensures that it is not bound to an office and can be used anytime, anywhere.